Nutrition and Health

Hippocrates once said: “Let food be thy medicine”. Today nutraceutical researchers confirm that food is our daily good or bad medicine. Decades of intensive chemical farming have destroyed the quality of our land, radically impoverishing the food it produces by depriving it of those vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and the entire wide range of nutrients which are indispensable to our health. In the last 20 years, essential nutrients in our food have been depleted by 80%, while the lack of these nutrients in western populations has reached endemic proportions.

In addition to this, our food has been further damaged by the widespread use of pesticides, fertilizers, heavy metals, hormones, antibiotics, OGM, etc; and the industrial processing of our food then completes the destruction of the few nutrients remaining by adding a series of ingredients (food preservatives, artificial colouring, artificial fats and flavour enhancers) which, working in synergy with one another and with the toxic substances already introduced by chemical farming, end up transforming our food into a hidden poison which progressively damages our body. The use of organic food might save us from at least this kind of chemical damage, but is only minimally able to compensate for the nutritional deficiencies produced by the radical depletion of our agricultural soil.

The price we all pay for this production of “diseased” food is very high! The “constitutional terrain”, that is the energetic, metabolic, immune and fundamentally psychosomatic imprinting which constitutes the foundation of health for each and every individual, has today been deeply compromised. This means that the body’s response capacity to the increasingly serious environmental attacks upon our health has radically decreased; as has the body’s capacity to heal itself, upon which all natural health and therapeutic approaches have always been based.


We turn to synthetic food supplements (multimineral and multivitaminic), even though their beneficial impact on our health seems to be highly questionable.
Such nutritional supplements are not recognized by our bodies as food, are scarcely assimilated, and in the worst hypothesis end up generating truly harmful effects. For example, it has been discovered that synthetic or isolated betacarotene supplements are actually oxidants, and that only the carotenes which are naturally present in foods can ever be truly anti-oxidant.In an important study carried out by Oxford University on more than 20,000 subjects, the use of high daily quantities of synthetic vitamins (600 mg. of vit. E; 250 mg. of vit. C; 20 mg. of β-carotene) over a period of five years, failed to produce any beneficial effect in preventing cardiovascular diseases. Recently, it has been demonstrated that synthetic and/or isolated vitamin E also produces oxidative effects; whereas it has always been known that only 4% of calcium carbonate, the principal food supplement for osteoporosis, is actually absorbed (and it isn’t clear where the remaining 96% ends up)!

We thus find ourselves trapped in an unprecedented dilemma with no apparent solution: our food is devoid of nutrients, while the synthetic nutritional supplements used to compensate for these deficiencies are poorly assimilated, to the extent that the same Health Authorities advise us to get our nutrients from the very food, which, as stated before, does not contain them. And so, what are we to do?

An efficient way to overcome this dilemma is to introduce into our diet primordial nutrients charged with such a nutritional and energetic vitality as to be able to properly reconstitute the psychosomatic constitutional terrain of the individual:

a) wild green superfood, particularly wild Blue-Green micro-algae, which, as photosynthetic bacteria, are the first and most primordial form of life on our planet, and are still today the foundation of the entire food chain

b) powerful probiotics and digestive enzymes typical of the human gastrointestinal tract –organisms active from the primordial beginnings of life and, as they have adapted to the human body throughout evolution, are able to restore that correct gastro-intestinal functionality which is the foundation of true health.