The blue-green microalgae of the Klamath lake

The microalgae of the Klamath lake (scientific name: Aphanizomenon flos aquae Ralphs ex Born. & Flah, Var. Flos aquae) is part of the big family of blue-green microalgae, the world's first life form and the basis of the whole food chain .
All the seasons of the past have made use of green-blue as a source of superior nutrition.

The Aztecs reserved wild spirulina for nobles and warriors, considering it to be divine food.
Today, the only edible microalgae to grow wild in an almost untouched volcanic environment is the Klamath microalgae.

Crater Lake in the Cascade Mountains Park, Oregon

The Klamath Lake is so untouched that it is able to accommodate the highest concentration of bald eagles on the North American continent (along with Alaska); and the bald eagles are ecological markers that do not survive except in
pristine environments.

The extraordinary vitality of the Klamath Lake also depends on its setting with the magical Lake Crater, a lake formed inside the caldera formed by the explosion, 7,700 years ago, of the Monte Mazama volcano.
It is thanks to this extraordinary environment that the Klamath microalga develops an absolutely unique nutritional profile and energy charge.

Klamath RW®Max complete and assimilable from A to Zirconium "12 essential nutrients LARN-relevant, or relevant to our daily needs, completely assimilable, along with other 100 nutrients!
Nutritional research has now affirmed the centrality of a principle of nutritional synergy: "the wider the spectrum of nutrients, the greater the assimilation and effectiveness, and at the same time the necessary amounts of each specific nutrient are lower" .
The Klamath is the best example of this principle, because it contains, in a highly assimilable form, over 100 fundamental nutrients, all in their organic form and therefore, unlike synthetic supplements, completely assimilable!
But the new Klamath RW®Max adds, to the uniqueness of this broad nutritional spectrum, a new, fundamental, dimension, that of the LARN-relevance (the LARN are the Levels of Recommended Nutrient Intake): a nutrient becomes LARN-relevant when the dose taken daily with a food or supplement exceeds at least 30% of the daily requirement.

In accordance with this criterion, Klamath RW®Max contains as many as 12 essential nutrients in LARN-relevant doses!

This would already in itself, of Klamath, an excellent vitamin-mineral supplement, with the enormous additional advantages that:

a) these nutrients are completely assimilable;
b) are accompanied by at least another 100 nutrients for which there is perhaps no LARN, but which are however extremely important for our health, as the whole spectrum of trace elements.