Klamath RW®MAX Gocce_Copia_Copia

Klamath RW®MAX Gocce_Copia_Copia


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recommended use

20 drops dissolved in a little water or directly under the tongue, 2/3 times a day.


50ml bottle

ingredients and excipients

Apple concentrated juice, Vegetable Glycerin, Purified Water, Acacia Honey, Klamath RW®MAX Microalgae, natural aroma Strawberry, Grapefruit seeds e / ofrutto e.s., preservative: Potassium sorbate, acidifier: Citric acid.

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The Klamath in their best version, with the widest spectrum and the highest concentration of nutrients among all green foods and superfoods. A wild food that is very useful for counteracting nutritional deficiencies and oxidative damage and aging that unbalanced diet and incorrect lifestyles generate for the entire organism.
• As a complete, balanced and perfectly assimilable food supplement.
• As a general and restorative tonic of soil, energy and mind.
• As a powerful antioxidant / anti-aging agent, thanks to the high concentration of carotenes, and to the various antioxidant molecules, including AFA-phycocyanins.
• As a supplement rich in numerous nutriceutic molecules (chlorophyll, AFA-phycocyanins, polyphenols, etc.), rich in vitamins including vitamin B12.
• As a powerful cosmeceutical, able to quickly regenerate the beauty of skin, hair and nails.
• As a powerful natural immunomodulator.

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